French Vintage Friday: Is Your Glass Half Full?

Or is it half empty?

How about a vintage glass canning jar?

Welcome back to another weekly French Vintage Friday!

Do you have any vintage canning jars? I sure do. My favorites are probably the blue glass ones but it’s sure hard to say because the clear glass are amazing too!

Of course I don’t use them for canning and preserving. Nope! I use them for decor.

Are you shocked? It’s true. More often than not it’s a vintage canning jar I grab if I have some lovely flowers to bring in from outside or even some faux florals.

Wanna see just a few places I’ve used them?

Hydrangeas look great in everything but I particularly like them in the canning jars.

I’ve got some of the tiny little ones too and they’re adorable. You know how everything little is cute? Canning jars are no exception.

I can’t NOT show you my favorite blue glass ones.

I don’t recall the occasion but The MR actually had brought me home some flowers (he rarely thinks of those things) and of course I had to pop them into a canning jar.

If you happen to have the ones with the glass lids, like I have, then they look amazing all by themselves nestled here and there in your decor.

SOMETIMES I even use them for storage. Like here where I have some spare candles inside a short little jar.

There’s really no right or wrong way to use them.

Hopefully you will think twice the next time you see one at a garage sale or a thrift store. Maybe you’ll pick it up and think back to all the amazing ways you can use it in your decor and you’ll smile a little to yourself and go ahead and give it a new life.

Maybe pretty soon your glass (canning jar) will be half full too!

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