Before And….Maybe Someday? Kids Bathroom

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Are you ready for Part 5 of my blog series?  Any guesses what room it is?

I’ve searched and searched and I can’t seem to find a single picture of the kids bathroom before I did anything at all to it.  I guess it was just that plain and boring and ordinary that I didn’t even think to photograph it.  I mean, its small and has white fixtures, had a honey oak vanity and a plain unframed mirror and chrome faucet and light bar.  How much more boring and common can you get?  Did I mention the builder beige walls?  Can you picture it in your mind?

Since we have both boys and girls I wanted colors and decor that would work for either.  That isn’t easy!  Have you tried that before?  It seemed like everything I found either leaned more towards the girls or more towards the boys. Finally I found a shower curtain that set the scene for the whole project!

This is the first photo I can find of the earliest part of this makeover.  As you can see I have already painted the walls by this point.  I used Sherwin Williams “Rain” for the walls in a semi-gloss for better washability.  You know…!  I removed the cabinet doors, cleaned the entire vanity really well and then chalk painted it.  2 coats.  Because of the moisture in a bathroom, I chose not to wax but to apply some polyurethane instead.

Here is the finished vanity!  Can you tell what I chose as the general “theme” of the bathroom?  Want a hint?

Yup!  Owls!  After finding this adorable shower curtain, I was also able to find an owl painting that worked perfectly in here as well as an owl towel hook.  This exact shower curtain is no longer available but here is one that would give a similar feel and work for either boy or girl.  I got the painting from Wayfair for about $50 but it is not currently available.

Okay!  Upcoming plans!  Yes, I still have some things I want to do in here….such as:

  • Add some gray to the vanity, probably dry brushing, giving it a weathered look
  • Add hardware to the vanity to give it a more custom look
  • Add a shelf above the picture behind the toilet to put some random decor items on
  • Frame the mirror
  • Change out the light fixture
  • Change out the faucet
  • Add some mosaic or accent tiles above the basic white backsplash tiles to make it look more custom
  • And for goodness sake – do SOMETHING about that ugly floor!!!!

It’s amazing how many things can be on a To Do list for a very small room!  Sometimes it’s easier and cheaper to do a larger room.  Anyways I’m happy with how it all turned out and so are the kiddos which is the most important part – make the client happy.  🙂


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