5 Most Nagging Unfinished Projects REVISITED

Do you remember when Emily (Le Cultivateur) and I blogged about 5 home projects that had been left unfinished for a long time and were bothering us? We made a pact to finish them and gave y’all progress reports on how they were coming along.

If you missed that blog post you can find it HERE.

If you didn’t, then you probably recall my list of 5 projects and the updates on them as well. Here’s a little refresher because I like to remember too….

#1 ᗝᑭᗴᑎ ᑕᗩᗷᎥᑎᗴ丅ᔕ

This was a good look, don’t you think? It stayed for way too long before the blog post forced me to finally finish my open cabinet out of shame.

But finish it I did and I’ve had so much fun styling and re-styling it ever since! It gets an almost weekly refresh 😄

Project Complete ✔️

#2 𝒟𝒾𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔 𝑅𝑜𝑜𝓂 𝒞𝑒𝒾𝓁𝒾𝓃𝑔

You’d think I would have fixed this simultaneously with the hanging of the chandelier and the creating of the hole in the first place but no. Sadly that didn’t happen. It remained for much longer than I will admit without being under duress.

This situation has also been rectified and rather than try to camouflage it, I can now bring attention to my chandelier!

Project Complete ✔️


This is the point the Powder Room was at when we shared the original blog post and our list. I had done a few things to begin a makeover on my Powder Room from its original horrific appearance but it was far from complete.

Here it is now, all dressed for the holidays. I finished it quite some time ago but it’s always fun to style it for each season as well.

This is one of my favorite makeovers in this house now.

Project Complete ✔️

#4 díníng rσσm tαвlє

You probably remember when I originally refinished my dining room table and chairs which were a set passed down from my in-laws. Do you remember that within a couple weeks my oldest child got bored and decided to pick and peel away at a spot on the top of it? Yup!

Mostly because I had literally just finished it, I didn’t have what it took to work on it all over again so I kept procrastinating and I would put things on the table to cover the damaged bit and take photos that didn’t show it. Needless to say this also went on my list.

And I refinished the top again, shortly thereafter. Yay me!

Project Completed ✔️

#5 Laundry Nook

The final item on my list was my laundry nook. I never actually showed you the very beginning place where I started from….until now!

Are you jealous?

So I have this little nook in my back porch just off my garage where everyone comes in and drops their coats and shoes and backpacks and everything and all the dirt from the garage and outside lands.

Added to that my washer and dryer were up on these big drawers with the concept being for storage but really all it did was make them so tall that little me could even reach the cabinet above without a stepladder – hence the one stowed to the left of the washer!

The cabinet was useless to me for anything I used regularly so it ended up being used for junk that nobody wanted to deal with.

I started by removed the huge drawers from under the machines so they were a much more manageable height for me.

Then I also removed the cabinet from off the wall and repurposed it in my garage instead.

I don’t want to spoil all the surprises so I’m just giving you a little peek but let’s just say there is a lot more pattern and color in here now.

I’m planning to add some shelves and I’ve been collecting some lovely vintage pieces to display on the shelves and at some point I also plan to build a counter on top of the machines.

I’ll be sure to show you everything just as soon as I get the last little bits finished. Soon. I promise!

Project Well Underway 😊

Emily and I are currently discussing a new list for the new year as well! This worked so well to tie up some loose ends and make us complete some things we just weren’t getting to that we thought why not do it again? I can’t wait to share the new list with you!

Before you go, let’s pop over to Emily’s list and see how she did with everything.


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