French Vintage Friday: Napkin Rings

I love napkin rings. I blame it on my mom.
She had drawers of napkin rings and all sorts of different colors of napkins to set any type and color of tablescape your little heart desired.

I did too. It was sort of a specialty of mine. While others were in the kitchen preparing delicious food, I was more likely to be found setting a pretty table.

Mom also had several sets of dishes and that came in very handy for setting pretty tables.

Welcome back! I missed y’all last week. Life happened. Didn’t Emily have a marvelous post though?

So as I was saying I like napkin rings just a little.

These are just a few of them.

These ones have always been favorites of mine.

But my most favorite kind of all are vintage ones. Especially silver ones.

I like to keep my eyes open for them and get them even if there is only one or two of them because one of the best things about these vintage beauties is that they look beautiful mixed and matched.

And they look beautiful with basically any color or pattern of napkin!

Now let’s go see what Emily has to show us this week. Just click on the photo below.

Until next week…


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