Thrift Store Challenge: O Christmas Tree…

O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches 🎶

Except maybe when they’re laying on the ground and all the decorations have fallen off again!

Last Christmas my youngest daughter decided she wanted her own tree for her bedroom. I found a cute little one for her and she picked out some decorations for it and all was well.

This Christmas the boys decided they suddenly were not about to be outdone and they should have a tree for their room as well. After a little searching I again found a small tree for them, this one in a small pot, and they picked decorations for their tree.

Only there was one problem.

They wound up with more decorations and a fuller more “well loved” looking tree than my daughter had and this would never do.

And so the competition began.

Aforementioned daughter began collecting strings of beads and bargaining with her brothers for some ornaments they hadn’t used on their tree and so on, until her little tree was loaded down and completely overcame its very undersized plastic stand. Day after day it would tip over at the slightest provocation and land across her bedroom floor, and she would pick it up and try to put everything back just right.

One day she left it on the floor of her room for a couple days and when I stood it up for her, she was so frustrated that she just left most of the decorations lying on the floor. Of course momma had to come to the rescue at this point and so off to the thrift stores I went in search of some sort of container to put her tree in.

It was only the 2nd store I walked into that I spied this lovely woven storage basket complete with a lid and knew it would be perfect for a variety of uses.

The tree would most likely have stayed upright just by placing it inside the basket but I didn’t want her to have any more issues so I weighted the feet of the tree stand down with some bags of rice just to be safe.

Then I secretly put her decorations back on for her. Every last one!

Somewhere under all those ornaments and beads is the little tree.

But best of all was how excited my baby girl was when she saw her tree and knew it wasn’t going to tip over anymore.

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Until next time…


  • Sue

    Tara, I love your little tree story! Last week I found a 4 ft tree, in perfect condition,
    complete with lights and a pretty base- the base plugs in and lights up the tree. It was at my favorite thrift store, for $12.99, in the original box- which had the original price tag of $48.99!
    It is on my enclosed front porch this year; who knows where it will be next Christmas?
    Thanks for the inspiration.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      I’m happy to report the base is working perfectly and it hasn’t even thought about tipping over ever since! I will pass along your comments to a little girl who will likely be very tickled 😊

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks so much, Jodi. We have to do what we can for our babies, am I right? I’ll have to share the boys tree as well just for fun.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks so much, Danya! I’m pleased to report that several weeks on it hasn’t gotten tippy at all! 😄

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks, Dori! I’ll perhaps share the boys tree on here at some point but in the meantime I have posted it on Instagram if you wanna take a peek! It’s on a post with my daughters tree and then you can scroll to see the boys.

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks Shae! I think the basket will come in very handy the rest of the year too with it’s super sturdy structure and lid. Who can’t handle some more cute storage, am I right? 😄

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