Thrift Store Challenge: Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue…

Friends! I have such exciting things to show you!

Some of you know that this past week, over Valentine’s Day, I went on an excursion a few hours from home to a large antique mall. I had been wanting to check it out for a while now and finally got the chance to go without any of the kids.

That was a must.

I wanted to enjoy looking at everything, after all, not spend the entire time watching the kids and praying they wouldn’t touch something and break it or knock something over. Especially an expensive something.

It was hard enough to keep out of trouble myself what with the way everything is so packed in at places like this. A couple times I felt a little like Ferdinand as it was!

I could have spent so much more time there than I did but the hours I was there were amazing. I saw so many things that made me think of so many of my Instagram friends. If I was independently wealthy I would have bought gifts for all of them!

I found some amazing vintage postcards like the darling one displayed below.

“The violet loves a sunny bank,

The cowslip loves the lea –

The scarlet creeper loves the elm,

But I love only THEE.”

The inscription on the back includes the date December 29, 1922.

My absolute favorite way to display vintage cards of any sort is in vintage floral frogs like those I have here. Isn’t it cute?

I know Valentine’s Day has just passed but I can’t bear to put these away yet. As far as I’m concerned these are now considered Spring decor, mkay?

Stacking my treasured ironstone in pleasing arrangements is pretty much all it took to style this new piece. It’s a transferware butter pat that I picked up at the antique mall as well.

And finally, although this is but a few of the ones I came home with, I got some of the cutest, tiny little vintage bottles you’ve ever seen! Most are apothecary jars of some sort like this tiny Watkins bottle.

For the moment I have styled them all in my little display shelf in the Powder Room. I couldn’t show you the entire shelf because that would spoil the surprise… see I got a couple things for the kids bathroom that I’m currently working on and I didn’t want you to see those things yet.

It’s so hard to keep it a secret for now but I’ll be able to show you very soon, I hope.

And now, since y’all know how this challenge works, let’s go check out the treasures that the other ladies have thrifted this month and see what they have done with their finds! This is always so exciting!

Fellow Participants

Just click any of the photos below to be taken straight to the blog posts.

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Until next time, dear friends…


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