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Obsession Or Collection – Is There A Difference?

Clearly one sounds much nicer than the other.

At least more flattering anyways.

Nobody wants to be considered obsessed with something because of the negative connotation but a collector? Yes, please.

So I’m going to call myself a collector, mkay?

What collection am I talking about?

Oh! Right!


Specifically brass candlesticks.

You can’t tell in the above picture but this tiny little specimen is my favorite one so far.

I say “so far” because I have no intention of calling my current collection complete.

I haven’t even found a candle for this little sweetie yet because its so petite. Perfection in a tiny package.

You may recognize this location from my recent post when I finished my open kitchen cabinet. Isn’t the patina amazing? I have no intention of removing any of that.

I’m loving this little cream pitcher I just picked up too but that’s another obsession collection!

Check out the square base on this one!

Are you wondering why none of my candlesticks have candles in them? I didn’t really realize this fact until I was adding the photos to this blog post.

There actually is a reason!

I currently have removed the tall tapers from these because I have them all in places where a tall taper can’t fit. Such as in a cabinet shelf. I am in the process of burning down some candles in other candlesticks and when they are short enough to fit in these spaces, I promise I will put candles in them.

Yes, this candlestick is actually leaning. It’s been that way since I found it. I’ve often wondered what made a beautiful, solid, heavy brass candlestick like this one bend like it does.

I like to imagine some sort of wonderful story behind the bend…..

But isn’t it the perfect touch to add to my vintage book and lovely wood duck figurine? Looks like I need a stubby candle for this one too…..hmmmm

I have two just like this but they aren’t actually a set. Believe it or not I got them on completely separate thrifting expeditions. They are really heavy.

See? Here is the other one.

Okay I won’t bore you by showing you a picture of every single brass candlestick I own. These are some favorites.

Suffice it to say I can’t really resist the charm of a gorgeous brass candlestick whenever I come across one in my travels.

The more patina and the more “storied” the look, the more of a weakness I have for them.

And I just thought of something new! I think you have to have a minimum number of something to call it a collection.

I’m definitely a collector!

Okay I will catch y’all later. I need to go look for some more brass candlesticks just to be sure.

Happy thrifting!


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  1. I love your “collection” my dear! They are all so beautiful!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks! Yes it’s definitely a collection! ?

  2. Great post! I love all of your vintage brass candlesticks. I am also a brass candlestick collector with an “obsession” for them!

    I like them with or without candles, and the more patina the better!

    Thanks for sharing at TFT!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      I totally agree about the patina! I never “clean” mine no matter what. I will buff them a bit and clean up wax off them but that’s it. Thanks Amber.

  3. So fun to see your stash… I mean collection. 😉 They are lovely!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Haha yes it’s a collection! Don’t be forgetting that! 😀

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