French Vintage Friday: Reclaimed Wood Box

Happy Friday! I hope your week has been short and that your weekend plans are amazing!

To get you off to a creative start, let’s see what Emily and I can share with you this week…

For me, anything with a story, is precious. While I love to collect vintage pieces that are intact and can be used for their original purpose or decoratively, I also love things made from old treasures. Repurposed items. Let me show you what I mean….

Check out this little treasure, as an example. It’s now a tiny little treasure box but it was once some wood.

What was it originally used for? Was it on an old building?

Was it part of a piece of old furniture?

How old is it exactly? I can’t tell you that. I can tell you that the wood is very light and very dry. It’s been around a while. I don’t care if this wasn’t what it was originally made into (I can’t tell you that it isn’t, in fact). It still has a story. Maybe a few.

Meanwhile I just like to style it in various places around my home. Like this.

Emily’s Post

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