July 4th Mantle

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I’ve always loved this chippy wood and embossed metal shelf…ever since I first noticed it tucked away almost out of sight in my favorite local consignment store.  I was very happy to find it was an extremely reasonable price so I could justify taking it home.  Now it’s no secret that I really dislike my fireplace wall in my living room.  Suffice it to say the builder did not waste any money on it.  It’s functional….I’m thankful for that.  We use it every day in the fall, winter and spring at least to take the chill off in the mornings.  Be prepared for an upcoming blog showing an complete facelift for this area….when that happens, this little shelf will have to find a new home because it won’t be the right proportions anymore.  In the meantime, at least it gives me something to style – there was no shelf or mantle of any kind here before.  Just floor tiles around the fireplace and on the floor in front of it.  Seriously.  The same boring beige tiles that were in the front porch!

finalOkay, I digress!  Where was I?  Oh yes!  The mantle shelf.  I started by hanging this little flag above the shelf.  I had to knot the cord that it hangs from in order to make it hang a little higher and then I tucked in some faux greenery to cover that area and make it look a bit more substantial.  The flag is from Dollar Tree – you guessed it, $1.

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I made a little vignette off to one side with this amazing corbel which I am STILL madly in love with.  It looks gorgeous with everything!  I already had that so I’m not including it in the cost for this look.  I also already had the 2 pillar candles and the candle stand that I used under one of them.  You could also use a cupcake stand if you like.  The faux greenery was also something I had laying around so no cost for this side of the shelf.  See?  Shop your home!

final (1)

The red and blue stars are from Dollar Tree.  They come in packages of 1 but are each in two pieces and you just slide them into each other to form a standing star.  Super simple and they also come in a silver color.  $2 for them.  I also got the striped candle at Dollar Tree and the candle plate I already had laying around as well as the faux greenery on this side.

Along the face of the shelf I hung a star banner that also came from Dollar Tree.  It’s super cute that the little cardboard glitter stars are hung on a piece of jute string.  The total for this whole project?  $5.  Works for me!


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