Favorite Things Friday: Amazon Wish List

I’ve missed y’all so much. I had so many fun things planned for over the holidays. Recipes to share, all sorts of fun memories and holiday traditions.

Then I apparently did something a little too much like myself.

I cut my hand.

Or scraped it.

Or any combination of the two.

And then I had a son with an infected finger from a cut he got while playing on the school playground.

And I was the one changing the dressings.

I thought I was being really careful. This isn’t the first time I’ve done this sort of thing.

I mean I didn’t wear gloves but apparently I should have.

Anyways a few days later yours truly ended up with a pretty good infection in none other than my right hand and for someone like me that’s like a death sentence. I mean not being able to take care of my home, do my dishes (okay maybe that wasn’t such a hardship), do laundry (again not a great hardship until you have mountains of laundry to climb over and your kids have no clean clothes left) cook….

Wanna know the WORST part?

Not being able to decorate.

Not being able to make things.

Not being able to take pictures (because that takes two hands and I could only use my thumb and forefinger on my right hand)

Not being able to share all the things I wanted to with all of you.

I missed you all.

Okay I better get to the point of this post but I wanted you to know why it’s been so long.

I thought you might like to see some of the things I have on my Amazon Wishlist! Sound fun?

Here we go…

Fleur De Lis Metal Floral Container

Lenox French Perle Aqua Serving Bowl

Elize Whitewash Candlestick Lamps
Topiary in pots, set of 3

Hope you’ve enjoyed having a peek at a couple things on my Amazon wishlist. I’d love to know some of what’s on yours. Hopefully a few of these things will be showing up in some of my blog posts this year as I makeover more rooms in my home this year.

Have a good day, friends, and an even better weekend!

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