It’s All About The Fall Vibes: Gather ‘Round My Table

Do you entertain a lot?

I must confess I don’t. However when you have 7 people sitting around your table without any guests, it can sort of feel like you’re entertaining most of the time!!!

I remember as a little girl, setting fancy tables for my mom “just because”. We weren’t necessarily having company over but she didn’t feel that we needed to have company in order to bring out the good China and the silverware. So long as we knew how to be careful with it, we could set the table with it.

Of course momma had several sets of pretty dishes, crystal, lots and lots of lovely tablecloths and cloth napkins and little pickle dishes and those tiny little pickle forks with different tops on them to go with the season or the holiday or maybe the theme. You know the ones I’m referring to.

That made setting the table the MOST fun. It’s not the same as it was because I don’t have all that fun stuff to play work with but one day I will. Maybe when my kids are a little older and know how to be careful with the pretty things.

Until then I’ll just keep it simple and enjoy the memories. ?

Welcome to my dining room…

I’ve streamlined the wall behind my table. I’m really enjoying the simplicity of the artwork and candle sconces.

Remember the diy challenge where we had to make something for fall out of scrap wood? Well my fall sign is hanging out in the corner of my dining room.

It seems happy there ?

You might remember this bookcase from last years tour. It used to chill just around the corner in the living room. In this space I had a dresser moonlighting as a buffet but it decided it wanted to go back to its roots and become a dresser again so voila! ?

Putting this bookcase in the middle of the wall wouldn’t have been any fun at all and besides then I couldn’t have made the really cool collage on the other part of the wall. (It had little to do with the light switch dead center of the wall)

Here I go again with the painted leaves to satisfy my desire for different colors of fall foliage this year….isn’t paint amazing?

There’s no end of things that can be done with shelves or bookcases to decorate seasonally. Here some twine pumpkins I made, along with my favorite copper pumpkin, are all this bookcase needs to be festive.

…just because it’s a bookcase and just because I’m obsessed with them!!!

The dining room gets quite a bit of light by way of the kitchen. It’s own windows overlook my covered front porch so they’re shaded all the time but I still love having such big windows in there.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Come on over anytime! You’re always welcome.

Until next time…

Let’s go see Emily’s dining room…

Emily, Le Cultivateur


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