July 4th Tablescape

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There’s something you should probably know about me.  It’s something I haven’t told you yet.  A secret.  I’m that woman who walks into a store and immediately falls in love with the most expensive thing in there.  BEFORE looking at any price tags.  It’s just how I am and how I’ve always been.  I learned early on in life that if I wanted something really beautiful I would have to find a way of making it myself or discovering hacks because I’ve never been able to afford Designer things.  I learned to sew my own clothes as a child, learned to DIY just about anything!  I’m still learning how to do all sorts of things and probably always will be.  As far as I’m concerned there isn’t much that I can’t DIY if I try hard enough.  The right tools come in pretty handy as well!

That being said, I regularly drool over people’s beautiful table settings on Pinterest and Instagram for various occasions and then set about to come up with a budget friendly version.  You see, just because you don’t have much of a budget for decor doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t make your home look like you do!  I’ll show you what I mean…


Here is what I threw together for my red, white and blue inspired table.  I grabbed a couple scarfs for $1 each to use as my table runners.  They had such pretty colors and designs of fireworks on them and it got the rest of the tablescape off to a great start!  Chargers make every table setting look better, in my opinion.  If I could afford to, I’d have chargers in dozens of different colors and styles.  Some of the ones I like the most are insanely expensive though and since I have a large family, I’d need a lot!  Wanna know what I do for inexpensive chargers?


Look familiar?  You can get these type of chargers for $1 at Dollar Tree or other ones very inexpensively on clearance.  Keep your eyes open all the time and grab them when you can.  Who cares what color they are!  Then grab some spray paint and get to work.  I’m not kidding!  The chargers in the photo were given 3 coats of Krylon spray paint for plastics.  I also did some white ones and some blue ones.


Layered on top of the chargers I have some gorgeous Ironstone plates.  You thought I said it was inexpensive, right?  I did.  It is.  I got a set of Ironstone dinner plates at a local Thrift Store for $10!  Love them!  The square luncheon plate is another $1 item from Dollar Tree.

For the napkins I picked up some inexpensive flour sack towels and cut them down a little smaller.  I didn’t even sew the edges so don’t go telling me you can’t do that because you can’t sew.  I literally ripped them into the sizes I wanted because I happen to like the raw edge on a rustic cloth like this.

I was planning to make myself some napkin rings similar to these by wrapping copper wire around a PVC pipe.  I’ll show you what I mean in another blog sometime.  These ones however I got at a Thrift Store again for mere dollars and there were 9 of them!

The cute little flags I picked up at Walmart.  There were 4 in the package for just a couple dollars and I think they complete the look perfectly!  See?   I told you.  Very inexpensive!


Are you ready for more?  Perfect!  The amazing blue glass Ball canning jars were part of some treasures a friend gave me the other day that we found in her parents old cellar.  So were the old vintage glass canning jars but with new rubber seals!  I got the little white Williams and Sonoma candy dish at a garage sale for $4 and the faux greenery topiary ball was $2 from a Thrift Store again.

The red vase was part of a bouquet of flowers I received for my birthday.  The hydrangeas and tulips were both purchased very inexpensively on sale – I don’t recall the exact price.

The HOME letters were originally black and they are wooden.  I got them at a craft store for $1 on clearance.  I spray painted them with Rustoleum spray paint in a Hammered Copper and then distressed them with a very fine grit sandpaper just to take off some of the sheen and to show the black on the edges.


Last, but certainly not least, is the amazing candlestick in the middle.  I have been in love with this for quite some time now but this is the one item I can’t really give you any details on.  It was a gift from my in-laws so I don’t know where it was purchased or how much it cost.  My point is, we all have items like this in our homes that maybe were given to us as gifts at some point.  Shop your home.  Just because something is in your Master Bedroom or on your fireplace mantle, doesn’t mean you can’t use it on your table for a bit.  That way you don’t get bored either and things won’t build up as much dust 🙂

I hope this has given you some ideas to make your own beautiful, inexpensive tablescape.


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  1. Mack says:

    Beautiful post, and , beautiful thrifty tablescape! Thank you for the inspiration!
    ~Mack XX
    *Let freedom ring!

    1. Thanks so much, dear friend. As always it is my pleasure:-)

  2. Love all the hacks that you show!! I need to get some chargers…I am always in search for the perfec color…now I am just going to spray paint some! Love the flour sack napkins!!!
    I am so like you, immediately fall in love with the most expensive thing! I was actually just thinking about this today…if I could run out and buy every single thing that my heart desired right now to decorate my house, what would it look like? I think it would look so generic and so boring! My home decor comes from my creativity, ingenuity, and diys which makes my house, my home! Your tablescape is amazing because of your creative, ingenuity, and diys!!!
    Thank you so much for the inspiration here and on IG!!!
    ~Emily @

    1. You make a good point! When you have to use creativity and scrounge around your house and thrift stores, you end up with a much cozier more “storied” look for sure. I also choose to DIY most things because I have such a sense of satisfaction from looking around at things I’ve made versus had done or bought. Unless I bought it from a friend’s small shop or something.
      One thing I might mention – I store my chargers with a piece of felt or paper towel or something between them just to make sure they don’t get scratched up since it isn’t their original baked on finish….

  3. Tara, I can tell we are going to get along great! We have so much in common. Your tablescape is such a festive table to be around during the holiday. Not only for this holiday but also of Labor Day that will be coming up. I can tell you take time and love styling your home. It is all so pretty.

    1. I couldn’t agree more, Terrie! I feel the same about your decor and your blog. Isn’t it awesome to find others who share the same passions? Thanks so much, sweet friend 🙂

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