French Vintage Friday: Vintage Settee

Thanks for stopping by! I love sharing these vintage treasures with you each week. As you should probably have figured out by now, I adore vintage things. They mean so much more to me that something that is brand new with no stories.

Each Friday Emily and I share something vintage with you.

Or something french.

Or both.

This week I wanted to share my vintage settee with y’all.

I found this petite beauty on the app “LetGo” and was surprised it was still available several days later when I finally broke down and inquired about it. They were asking $40 and this is what it looked like when I first brought it home.

The upholstery was pretty okay in some places but needed replacement in others so I compromised and did a partially deconstructed look for this one.

The frame of this beautiful settee is so solid and so cute. I love it’s proportions.

Regardless the season it goes with everything thanks to its neutral color.

And thanks to it’s petite size I can move it around the room a lot.

Clearly it’s pretty comfortable too!

Lastly, it has made instant friends with my “new” vintage chairs too!

I can’t wait to go see what Emily is sharing today! Thanks again for stopping by and spending a few minutes with me. I love hearing from you so don’t hesitate to drop me a note below.

Emily’s Post

Just click on the photo below and I’ll pop you right over to Emily’s house. It’s almost as good as time travel!

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