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Favorite Things Friday – Memory Trees

I have a confession to make to y’all.  I only have 1 Christmas tree in my home.

Are you gonna stop reading my blog now?  It seems like the popular thing is to have a tree (or 3) in every room of your house.  Now while a romantic part of my designer brain would LOVE all those trees to play with (I totally meant decorate), my frugal side hasn’t been able to handle all those trees yet.

With trees comes ornaments.

And ribbon by the truckload.

And lights! (those beasts are so expensive!)

And flowers or seasonal picks.

And….get my point?

This is my one and only.

See that red, green and white fabric ornament in the center there?  My little girl and I just made that.

See the wooden snowman head on the right and those little red and white mittens?  A gift from my momma.

This tree is NOT by any means the most perfectly styled tree.  Not even close.  I can see gaps and places where ornaments should be moved every single time I look at it.  And then I remind myself to look again and I see….

The ornament we got the year we got married.

The little tree ornament my “mini me” and I made last year.

The ornament I made the year we finally painted the exterior of the house.

The first Christmas gift one of my kids ever picked out on their own for me.  They are still SO PROUD each year when they see me put it on the tree.

The angel wings my youngest picked out a few weeks ago to surprise one of his sister’s who was sick.

And then I see the most beautiful Christmas tree I have ever seen in my entire life!

It’s packed completely full of love and wonderful memories and 5 sets of little (and not so little) hands help hang all those ornaments every year giving each one a place of honor in their little eyes.  Then we think about what we want to make or get for our special ornament for this year…..

One day soon I might have to get another Christmas tree just to hold all of our memory ornaments.  When that day comes I will happily do just that!

And I will keep my fingers crossed that I can find a BOGO sale on trees so I can get one just for me!  You know, to style like a designer instead of a momma.  This memory tree will still be my favorite though….

Have an inspired day!


(I want to bring special attention to the simply GORGEOUS burlap and cream ruffled tree skirt shown in these pictures.  It is lovingly made by the sweet Michelle from  One Blessed Acre Farm.  I cannot say enough about this tree skirt and how well it is made, as all her items are.  This post is not sponsored.)



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  1. Tara, Your tree is so beautiful and precious, I just adore it and your children’s loving participation in decorating and picking things out for you. It’s so full of the true meaning of Christmas! We have one tree too. XO

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thank you! Yes it’s a very fun family tradition to find our special ornament for each year or make something.

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