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What says fall more than a juicy apple? Apples make me think of crispy fall days when the leaves are turning and everywhere you look there are vibrant, spicy, warm colors. From the leaves to the pumpkins to the chrysanthemums and fall grasses. Apples also remind me of school….and books….and spicy apple pie! I think they’re the perfect thing to add to your fall decor. Of course you can choose any color of faux apples but my preference are the bright splashes of green. Like a Granny Smith.

I accidentally came across these lovely specimens while looking for something else entirely in the clearance aisle at my local Walmart. At the time I didn’t need apples for anything specific but they were so real looking and were marked down to $.75 each! I know, right? I cleaned them out ?

The little tin bucket I got on sale at Hobby Lobby (you’ve seen this here but in a different color) was the perfect thing to hold a few of these apples. What better to put with apples than a few lovely vintage books! ??

About a week ago I stopped at Dollar Tree to see what they had for fall decor and I found these tiny little white pumpkins! They had traditional orange and various other varieties as well but I loved the idea of the white so I picked up a number of them at the time.

The same day that I stumbled across the vintage books in the old thrift store, I also spied this glass cake stand for $1.89! Now normally I prefer ceramic or wood or some sort of opaque cake stand over glass. For that price I felt it made sense to get it though and I think it looks just perfect here in this little vignette ?

The gorgeous little pumpkin and tiny rusty birdcage were both Hobby Lobby finds. Both were on sale and cost me approximately $2 and $4.50 respectively. The candle is one I’ve had forever and the wooden beads…..well yes, those are the ones I made for around $7. They go with everything! You can find the tutorial for them here.

And there you have it! Another shelf on the bookcase all prettied up for fall for next to nothing.

I hope this has given you some more ideas for how you can make your home beautiful and surround yourself with all the cozy fall vibes, on a very small budget ?


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