5 On Friday: 5 Future Fixes

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes and in the mind of a serial DIYer? What do we do when we finish the decor for a particular season?

Do we ever finish the decor for a particular season? (The answer is NO)

So we have done our Christmas Home Tour now. What comes next?

Do we sit around and stare at the pretty things and take a rest?

While I can’t speak for everyone, I can speak for a lot of us. We are already planning the next DIY while working on the current one!

I know I am for sure.

For this week’s rendition of 5 On Friday, I am going to give you a sneak peek at my To Do list and the 5 things I plan to tackle next in my home.

Master Bedroom. I had the romantic idea when I moved into this house that I would finish the Master Bedroom as one of my first projects. It seems I always leave it to the last and I think I deserve that space to decompress and relax in as much as the next person. I don’t know why I always put it at the bottom of the list. Anyways so that was my plan.

It didn’t happen.

I got some paint on the walls and even got some matching bedding on the bed for a while.

I was so proud of my handiwork and how I had done that before any of the other spaces.

And then all progress stopped.

The walls never got plastered like I had planned to do.

The carpet never got replaced.

I never bought a proper bed frame complete with headboard at least.

I never hung curtains.

I never finished putting art on the walls or even buying proper towels for the EnSuite.

I failed.

Wanna see what my room is like in my head?

To see even more amazing photos of “my master bedroom” you can check out the amazing Courtney from French Country Cottage. These photos are from her Little Cottage Christmas Bedroom Tour and I’m obsessed.

Powder Room. Currently I really don’t like this space. It gets used more than any other bathroom in our house on a daily basis but I like it the least and have done the least to it.

Why, you might ask?

I wish I had a witty answer but I don’t.

Maybe because it’s really tiny with really tall ceilings so it’s like this milk carton and I haven’t bothered to get creative with it.

Maybe because even if when I make it absolutely amazing in there, it is virtually impossible to photograph so I have focused on other areas instead.

Whatever the reason is, I really need to get at it! I have recruited my good friend Emily, from Le Cultivateur, to make sure I get it done in the next short period of time. I have to answer to her if I don’t and she is going to work on her Powder Room at the same time. We will be each other’s moral support!

This is the general idea that I had in mind. This photo is courtesy of Melanie Lust Photography and was part of a Grand Home Tour.

Kitchen. I know I just refinished the kitchen cabinets a few years ago and it was a HUGE job and I’ve never enjoyed painting or refinishing cabinets to begin with. Ever.

That being said, I did the cabinets first and had the idea of a lighter wood floor when we replaced the carpet with wood.

The flooring I wanted did not fit into the budget at the time that we had to get the floors done so the only color I really liked in that particular flooring was virtually identical to my cabinets new color. That was not planned.

As it is now, the floors run right into the cabinets and you can barely tell where one ends and the next begins.

I think you know where this is going, right?


This stunning kitchen of my dreams, is from Traditional Home.

Obviously I can’t do this exactly but I can certainly works towards the overall feel and some of the colors and that’s what is in my head for my kitchen.

Laundry Area. This has got to be one of the worst, least functional areas in my home currently and is also one of the spaces I spend a huge amount of my time each day!

My current laundry area is in a nook in my back porch that comes in off the garage. So basically the dirtiest area in my house!

There is no storage.

No shelves.

No folding counter.

Nothing but a washing machine and dryer.

Something along these lines is what I plan to do. I want to build a folding counter and put some shelves in to organize some laundry supplies but also just to make it pretty. This photo is from Angie’s Roost.

Front Patio.  I’ve already made some changes to the front patio to enhance it’s appearance but I have some other plans for it as well.

I plan to add some string lights since there is only 1 light fixture at the front door. I also want to paint the stained concrete slab floor.

This is the overall feeling I’d love to create on my front patio. This is from Warm Cozy Home.

So there you have my next (hopefully) 5 major DIY projects along with the ideas in my head for those spaces. I’m so excited to get started.

Now I can’t wait to run over to Emily’s house at Le Cultivateur and see what she has in mind for her next 5 projects. Her home is already so beautiful and I’m excited to see what’s cooking in her mind about her spaces. Wanna come with me?

I’d love to hear what you are planning for your home too. Feel free to leave a comment and tell me what’s on the go at your place!

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