5 Minute Table Centerpiece!

Are you expecting company and you’ve spent so much time tucking things into out-of-the-way places in the hopes that nobody sees the side of you that isn’t so cute, that you don’t have time left to fuss over the perfect tablescape?

Not to worry!

I’ve got you covered!

Take a long, narrow trough, tray, dough bowl (as long as the bottom is flat) or any other similar container that will hold a smattering of milk glass vases. Arrange them by alternating tall and short vases. I have 4 tall ones on one side and 3 on the opposite side. There are short vases in between the tall ones. Just make sure they look staggered and attractive.

Pop a pretty stem of flowers, either faux or fresh, into the TALL vases.

Add some sort of greenery or filler flower like perhaps baby’s breath, to the short vases. Remember you CAN use real flowers. These are vases, ladies!

Stand back and admire your handiwork!

I think you deserve a pat on the back and possibly even some sort of medal. Maybe a manicure in the time remaining that you DIDN’T spend fussing over a really tough centerpiece.

One of the best things about a centerpiece that is in a container or on a tray is that whenever you need to free up this space for serving dishes, it’s simply a matter of picking it up and placing it somewhere else until you are finished. So simple and you don’t have to destroy your centerpiece just to make room on the table for the mashed potatoes and gravy!

Now why don’t we pop over to Emily’s house and see what she threw together as a super quick and easy centerpiece. I’m know it’s going to be amazing!

Just click the photo below…

Until next time, my lovelies…

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  • Emily

    Tara, this is soooo pretty!! I absolutely love it! The milk glass, roses, and that darling box, all amazing!! You are so creative and so talented!!!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      And you are the sweetest friend, dear Emily! Such a simple little centerpiece to throw together and of course you know who inspired me to collect milk glass vases in the first place, right? You, sweet friend! With all your amazing displays of milk glass….

  • Theresa @ Shoestring Elegance

    Beauty in its simplicity. Love this! I’ll be featuring you tomorrow at the TFT Party! Thanks for sharing!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thank you so much, Theresa. I really appreciate that. It was super fun to put together and so quick and easy. Have a wonderful day!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thank you so much, Julie! I appreciate that. I will definitely link up some posts again. A couple months ago my laptop got destroyed due to a water spill (because 5 kids 😬) and I’ve just gotten a new one. It’s so much harder to do everything related to blogging from a phone that I started doing just the essentials and pretty much stopped linking posts altogether. I’m just starting to get back to it and trying to remember where all I used to link up etc since everything was lost on my old laptop 😩. Thanks for the reminder about yours. I’m on my way! 🤗

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