July 4th Mirrored Shelf

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Is there anything better than a piece that you got for next to nothing that is extremely versatile and that gives you another excuse to decorate?  I’m thinking no….

Recently I went to a person’s home to look at a light fixture that I was interested in purchasing for my powder room.  While there I noticed this amazing mirrored shelf sitting outside as though it was waiting for garbage day.  I asked about it and discovered it was being considered useless because one of the little hooks on the back that was used to hang this on the wall had broken.  Apparently its former owners felt there was no way to fix it so were getting rid of it.  The Reader’s Digest version of this story is that I “rescued” it and easily fixed it so it can once again hang on the wall in all it’s loveliness.

Now….another confession….I’m not the most patient person in the world when it comes to decor.  When I get an idea I wanna go for it NOW.  Once this shelf was able to be hung on the wall I HAD to hang it and then I HAD to style it even though I hadn’t fixed it up as I fully intend to in order to cover various graffiti like markings all over it!  I’ll show you that makeover soon….

final (4)Another quick tour of my home and I found the necessary items to style it.  The red glass bottle is from Dollar Tree – yup, that’s right $1.  I got several of the flags in the above size at Home Depot for $0.98 each.  The blue hydrangea was also from Dollar Tree and is a little vibrant to have a whole bouquet without it looking fake but one here and one there I find looks just fine!  The little white pitcher was a recent Goodwill find and I believe I paid $3 for it.  No, it is NOT ironstone but I can pretend, right?

The scarf and little USA necklace are both from Dollar Tree.  The necklace came in a pack of 3 – one each of red, blue and silver.  I just took them apart at the little connector and I use them like bead strings.  The little duck figurine is part of a small collection of mostly Mallard Ducks that The MR has had since childhood.  The little burlap wrapped faux plant was a Walmart find and I believe it was under $2.

final (3)

The little rusty lantern is one of my favorite recent finds!  It is just SO CUTE!  It sorta has a design on it that makes it more fall/winter but I don’t care.  I think it looks just fine in a setting like this – I mean evergreen trees grow in the summer too!  I got it from Goodwill for $3!

final (5)I left the final piece for last because I’m not sure what to call it!  I know it has a name but it won’t come to me at present no matter how long I sit here and mull over it.  Okay here we go – that “decorative orb” was also a Goodwill find and I paid $2 for it!  I love it and you will probably see it popping up all over the place like the elf on the shelf!  🙂

So was anyone doing the math?  What’s the grand total?  I’m getting $15…..keeping in mind that a number of these items can be used all year around, the only items that are specifically for July 4th decor cost me a grand total of $4!

I hope this has given you some more ideas of how you can decorate for July 4th very inexpensively, with just a little creativity and a little shopping your own home.


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