The Decor You Never Knew You Always Wanted…

I’m wondering how I made it for so many years and in so many different homes without this piece.  

Have you ever found that thing that you never knew you needed and your life was going along wonderfully and them bam!  you found something amazing and wondered how you’d ever felt complete before it?

Yup!  That’s me and one of the simplest pieces in my home. I’m not even kidding.  

It cost me maybe $5 or $6 and a little paint and distressing.  

Are you curious now?  Dying to see this amazing thing?

Ta da!  

At this point you’re asking yourself what this even is, am I right?

When I found this beauty she was bright, in your face, brassy gold.  It was a definite case of the ugly duckling turning into the beautiful swan.

I put several coats of a creamy color chalk paint on her (I believe it was Waverly in Ivory but don’t quote me on that) and then lightly distressed her with 220 grit sandpaper.  

Now for the magic!  I hung her on the wall and set to work.

Here she is in all her summer glory.  

Well for a little while anyways.  I change the arrangements whenever the mood strikes me but this is one that I had in during the summertime.

For fall I used the same greenery and put in some ivory chrysanthemums instead. Added some fall berries and voila!

And for Christmas I put some evergreen branches, some bright red geraniums (who said it had to be poinsettias to call it Christmas?) and tucked in some wooden snowflakes.  

It really couldn’t be simpler or any more versatile.  

I’ve even had it in several different locations already and I’m not sure what I did before I found it!

I’m already planning the tulips and daffodils I will put in it in the spring!  And then the peonies and the hydrangeas and the lavender…..

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  • Cindy D

    Now you teased me. I LOVE it too. It has a vessel in the top part, right? Did you get this at a thrift store? I must have one. It would go perfect in my new french country dining room.


    • stilettosandshiplap

      I did get it at a thrift store! I believe I mentioned in the blog post that it was bright shiny gold when I got it and I refinished it. The top part is open and depending on the arrangement I am making I sometimes put some floral foam in it and sometimes I don’t need to. It certainly does have a french country look to it now.

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