The Art Of Flowers

I’ve never met a flower I didn’t like.

Regardless the color, the shape, the height…..they’re all beautiful in their own way.

And you know what else? No matter how much money you spend on faux flowers and no matter how realistic they are, there is just something about the real thing that makes all the difference.

I don’t treat myself to flowers each week like some ladies do.

I don’t even treat myself to flowers every payday.

It’s just not something I spend money on yet I love fresh flowers more than a lot of things that come to mind.

And so rather than miss out altogether, I grow them.

Beautiful flower gardens is something that I have always loved. As far back as I recall my mother was always planting flowers and trying to make bigger flowerbeds on the sly, so she would have more room for her perennials.

There is something so beautiful about all the colors and textures clumped together.

And the scent of fresh herbs?

Is there anything much more perfect than a rose?

Or a hydrangea?

Or a peony?

Or a dahlia?

I could go on like this for hours – I’m just warning you.

I’m no expert when it comes to arranging flowers but there are a couple things I always like to try and do.

First and foremost – choose an interesting container to put the flowers in. I’m not big into traditional vases. It’s too expected for me. I prefer random containers that weren’t meant for a bouquet. You can usually find a plastic or glass vessel to place inside to put the water in if the container you chose won’t hold water itself.

This brings new meaning to the term “tea rose”!

I also like to choose flowers that are similar in overall feel. Perhaps more of a wildflower look with grasses and longer stemmed, simpler florals. Or maybe the rich and elegant look of roses mixed with dahlias. I don’t tend to mix the different styles. It’s probably the designer in me…..

No matter what colors you put together when it comes to flowers, it always turns out beautifully. You really can’t go wrong.

I hope you’ve been inspired to grow some of your own flowers too.

And if you do – don’t forget to cut some for a special “just because” bouquet every now and then.

You deserve it and so do I!

Lastly – don’t hesitate to get inspiration from someone you really admire.

One of my favorite people to get inspired by, is my best friend Emily. She creates some of the most stunning flower arrangements you’ve ever seen and she has agreed to share some of her tips with us. Just click on the photo below to go to her blog post.

Until next time – Let your dreams blossom.


  • Emily

    Tara, your flowers are gorgeous and so perfectly arranged! I love to use unexpected containers too! Seriously loving this!! You’ve created something so beautiful!!!

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