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Recently a couple blogging buddies and I challenged ourselves to create an entire tablescape made as much as possible from Dollar Tree items only.  It was surprising how different we each made our tablescapes in spite of using some of the very same items.  If you missed those, you can see them all HERE.

We had so much fun doing that one that we decided to try it again but this time we would try to make some sort of Christmas/winter vignette using ONLY thrift store items.  We can change the items color or revamp them into a different use but the items had to come originally from the thrift store.  

Could you do that?

Can I?


Y’all might recall that I recently finished a makeover on my fireplace wall.  Having that finished meant that for the first time since I’ve lived in this house, I could properly decorate my mantle!  How exciting! 

Several weeks ago I had gone to my favorite local thrift store (I only have 2) and had found a lovely evergreen garland with pinecones for $6. 

The day I had decided I would use my mantle as the area to style for this challenge, I went back to the same thrift store to see what other treasures I might find.  Now while we do not have a set budget for this challenge, we do try to keep it as cost effective as possible.  I was lucky enough to find these red wooden beads for $1.99 and a package of white wooden snowflakes of varying patterns for $.99.  I added these to the garland to add some interest and color.

At either end of the mantle I put a stocking holder and one of the kids stockings.  I chose not to string all of them across the mantle because our gas fireplace heats up a lot when we have it on (which is every day in the winter) and I didn’t want to have any sort of fire hazard!

For some reason this year little trees have really been appealing to me.  Mostly evergreen trees or bottle brush trees but even the odd wood or metal one like this…..originally it was a bright gold color with all the little beads on it in reds and greens and silvers.  I lightly sprayed it with Rustoleum copper spray paint so that the main tree is all copper and the beads are mostly copper with just touches of the original colors showing through faintly.

I also found this tree at the same thrift store, on the same visit!  How lucky was I?  I did the same thing with this tree by spraying it very lightly with copper spray paint from Rustoleum.

Next I found these wooden trees in 2 heights for $2.99.  I had thought of painting them white with some distressing and I’m pretty sure I still will do that at some point but since my garland is natural this year (one of a few things I didn’t hit with spray snow) I felt like the natural wood and dark green might play off that nicely and show a nice contrast against the white shiplap.  

I saved the best for last, y’all!  On a trip to this thrift store several months ago, I got 2 brass candle holders.  The shortest one is one of those.  On this particular trip I found the taller brass candlestick and the copper bud vase! If you have read any of my previous blog posts, you already know I am somewhat copper obsessed!  That made this find even more exciting for me!  I can’t wait to put the first peony of the season in this vase next year!

And there you have it!  My entire mantle decorated with items from a thrift store.  The same thrift store in fact.  

The wreaths hanging on the wall above the fireplace are ones I made and showed a tutorial on HERE.  This is the view I look at every evening only usually The MR is in that chair and one of the tiny fur babies is in that little bed, as close as they can get to the fire.

Now are you as excited as I am to see the other ladies challenge results?  What are we waiting for?  Let’s go!

Emily from LeCultivateur

Terrie from Decorate And More With Tip

Cecilia from My Thrift Store Addiction

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  1. Tara, your mantel looks amazing!!! You have found some great treasures!!! I can’t stop starring at the amazing transformation that your fireplace has gone through, and now with the darling mantel decor…it’s perfect!!!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      It really has come a long way in a short time, hasn’t it? It feels so good to finally have that done. I’ve been wanting the fireplace “prettied up” since I first walked into this house. Thanks, Emily!

  2. Tara, your thrifted mantel turned out charming! I love using metallic paints to spruce up thrift store finds, too. Merry Christmas! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks so much, Cecilia!

  3. I am still in AWE with your fireplace transformation. You did an awesome job! And KUDOS to you on your finds at the thrift store for your mantel. It all looks amazing. I love the items you found. Great job thrifting! Happy Holiday Tara!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks Terrie! I appreciate the sweet comments. Loved working on this with you

  4. Your mantle looks gorgeous!! You found some amazing items at the thrift store and they all work perfectly together!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thank you, Cate. That means so much.

  5. Oh I loved seeing it put all together at the end Tara! And I love the steps along the way and how you found each item and how you re-did them. It all turned out so lovely!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks so much, Jerri. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Louise_at_elsiemayandbertha says:

    Your mantle is beautiful! I especially like the wooden beads and wooden Christmas trees, but I think my favourite thing out of all of your finds is the copper bud vase, it’s gorgeous ???

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thank you so much! Yes the copper had my heart from the moment I saw it too! I got the cutest little copper teapot at the same time. It will be in with my living room tour next Monday. I can’t resist copper!

  7. Looks great in front of your new fireplace area! So fun to thrift!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Thanks, Susan! Yes, it sure is….

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