Girl On The Move : What To Do First When You Know You’re Moving

For goodness sake open that bottle of bubbly and celebrate!

Just kidding.

Make yourself a latte and grab a pen and paper.

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For some of you that may mean your laptop and some sort of program that you write notes in but I’m old school. There is something about the physical act of writing it down on paper with a pen and then scratching it out when I’m finished the task, that does something in my brain and gives me a sense of satisfaction that I can’t get from a computer screen version of the action. Laugh if you will.

You want to start by mentally going room by room and writing down the obvious things that need to be taken care of that will raise red flags for buyers. Things that you may know are not big issues but may appear like big issues for potential buyers. Perhaps that leak has been repaired but if the plaster has not yet been patched and painted, its going to unnecessarily turn off a potential buyer. You know what I mean – anything obvious. If a good scrub will make a room look fresh then by all means but if it still looks tired because it is – opt for a fresh coat of very neutral paint that will appeal to anyone. Paint is quite inexpensive but can make a major impact in a room’s appeal.

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Okay, now enough about specifics. I am not writing this blog post with the purpose of giving you the tips themselves. That will be later. This one is about making the list which is the first step.

It is also about detaching. As someone who has moved a lot over the course of my life, you may as well start detaching now. This may not be difficult for you. Perhaps you want this move and are dancing a jig and spilling your latte as you read this. Perhaps you are having to keep starting your list over because you keep dropping tears on it and the ink is running. Either way – this move is happening. You can look for the positives and look forward to all the things you “get to do” at the next place or you can look for the negatives and you will find those, I guarantee it.

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From this moment forward this is no longer your home. It is now a house that you are preparing for someone else. You are making it perfect for them. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like it anymore because it isn’t about you and your tastes now. That bright red wall you thought was so gorgeous and dramatic in the dining room? It’s not your dining room anymore and the people who are moving in have decor that won’t suit a red wall. Just saying….

Now that you have the list well in hand, the latte is all finished (or cold) and you are thinking this list is a little longer than you originally thought it would be for a finished and very amazing home such as yours, do a walk through. Better yet have a 3rd party do a walk through and point out what they think you should address. Add those things to the list.

Now it’s time to start tackling the list.

Do you know what I think Number 1 should be?

A ginormous cup of extra strength coffee.

And number 2?


Why bother working around all the stuff when you have to eventually declutter anyways? May as well get rid of a bunch of the extra things first so there is much less to keep moving from side to side while you work on the other things on the list. I mean maybe it’s just me but it sorta seems logical…..

Until next time, dear friend.

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