French Vintage Friday: Vintage Candle Sconces

Hi there, sweet friends. Thanks so much for stopping by this morning to see me. I’ve missed y’all so much!

That’s the crazy thing about isolations and quarantines. At first you are so lonely you don’t think you’re gonna survive it and then you begin to feel you will never see anyone or have anyone in your home ever again so why bother making it beautiful?

Wait! Is that only me? 😱

While I mull that over for a minute, come check out what I’ve got to share this week!

I know, right?

I got a set of these amazing vintage brass candle sconces for my last birthday from none other than my amazing friend, Emily! She and I like so many of the same things that her gifts were absolute perfection!

I just love the patina these have.

I’ll show you how I have them flanking my large sofa… of these days! I have to tidy up a little first 🤫

Emily’s Post

Let’s run over to Emily’s amazing home and see what she has to share this week!

Just click on the photo below.

Now let’s go have a wonderful weekend and all try to spread some love and joy.


  • Emily

    These look so beautiful in your home!!! Can’t wait to see the full view. I totally get it though, my house is rarely tidy these days. Maybe I’ll get to cleaning someday soon.
    Happy Friday, my friend!!!

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