French Vintage Friday: Vintage Ironstone Candy Dish

Now this title may be misleading. It may even be inaccurate. This particular post is one that I need some expert assistance with.

Are you in?

Oh good!

Here is my problem. The pieces I’m sharing with you today for French Vintage Friday are a bit of a mystery to me as to their original use and possible origin etc. Let me explain….

Aren’t they adorable? The problem is there isn’t any stamp or identifying mark on them anywhere as to the manufacturer that can get me any closer to their original intended use etc.

They aren’t very big, as you can see when this candy bowl is sitting in them. In fact, it is entirely possible that they themselves were made for candy. I have found similar candy dishes that have the little finger loop and aren’t very deep, like these.

Or maybe they were made for relish or some other sauce or side like that?

I plan to use them for pickles and olives and the like. They are the perfect size for that. I called them ironstone in the title of this post because that is the color and overall feel of them but they are thinner and more fine and delicate feeling than most of my other ironstone that I own.

They have very fine crazing ALL over the surface of them, top and bottom. It’s stunning!

So now I need your expert help! Have you seen anything like these? Can you tell me what they are called and what their original intended use was? Am I completely off base here? I’m going to continue researching them but meanwhile, I just love them and that’s the most important thing after all!

Emily’s Post

Let’s go see what Emily is sharing today and if she knows what it is supposed to be! Just click on the photo below.

Until next time…


  • thistlewoodfarm

    I have no idea what they are used for—but they are seriously the CUTEST! Thanks for the inspiration! I’d love to find something like these at the thrift store!

    Happy day friend!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      The closest I can come is maybe candy dishes? Oh well. When you’re cute does it really matter if you’re useful? 🤣😂🤣😂. Just got some ironstone au gratin dishes at an antique store the other day that I’m gonna share hopefully this coming Friday for our series post.

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