Favorite Things Friday – One Blessed Acre Farm Goat’s Milk Soap

Hey y’all!  I thought I’d try something new!  I’m going to do a blog post each week showcasing a product that I really love.  Would you enjoy that?  I’m going to do it on Fridays as a rule but I was just a little bit late in getting the idea sorted out this week so let’s pretend it’s still Friday for just a few more minutes, okay?  You can pretend it’s the very end of the day Friday, that your work is done and you are chilling by the fireplace with a glass of wine or a Pumpkin Spice Latte or whatever works for you!

My first feature for Favorite Things Friday is Goat’s Milk Soap and Lotion.  In fact goat’s milk anything.  It’s very beneficial, very healthy for your body and your skin.  For a time when one of my children was still an infant, they needed some supplemental feedings and the only thing they could tolerate was goat’s milk.  I have a couple children with some skin sensitivities and I myself have quite sensitive skin on my face.  I can’t use most lotions and cleansers or I will end up with a rash or a breakout.  This is not true of goat’s milk soaps and lotions however, even the scented ones!  I’ve used the odd different type over the years and of course the purer it is, the better.

Now, specifically what products am I talking about?  I’ve recently become acquainted with Michelle, from One Blessed Acre Farm.  Not only has she become a wonderful friend, she raises goats and makes all her own goat’s milk products on her – you guessed it – one acre farm!  Michelle has some of the most amazing scents to her products as well.  Each time I hear of a new one she has added or perhaps a seasonal one she has just brought out again, I know I am simply not going to be satisfied until I try it!  Wanna see?

Each soap is stamped with the cutest little goat and the name of the company.  It arrives in these little muslin bags tied with twine and a darling little tag.  Call me crazy but the packaging is just as important to me as the product itself.  Sure the soap would work as well if Michelle just tossed it into a bag and mailed it off but the care with which she wraps and packages each item shows you just a little peek into what kind of person and business owner she is.  She and her family hand make each item!  She literally milks the goats each day whose milk is used in these products.  Her natural scents are amazing!  I originally got the Lavender, and before I had even unwrapped the little tissue bundles, I could smell it!  When I put them in my powder room it was like strolling through a field of fresh lavender just by walking into the room.

I couldn’t resist taking some photos in my own lavender patch!

The only real downside that I can see to Michelle’s goat’s milk products is that they are so cute and smell so good that you may hesitate to actually use them because they’re so pretty as decor!   🙂 Seriously I love taking pictures of these soaps.  My advice is – buy several at a time because then while you are using one, you can still be photographing the other!  lol

That’s my Favorite Things Friday for this week, y’all!  Please head on over and check out Michelle’s website.  In addition to the products I’ve mentioned here, she also offers a variety of other things you are going to want as well!  I know I’ve got quite a list myself and I’m dropping hints to The MR about a certain upcoming holiday and the perfect little soaps and lotions I know about for stocking stuffers…just saying….


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  1. These soaps are so cute! I love natural herbal soaps and lotions! They would be nice to display as well! I will definitely check out her website! Thanks for sharing Tara!

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      Yes absolutely! The only reason I hesitate to use mine at first is because I want to display them so make sure you get extras! Lol. Her products are amazing and if you check my IG posts you’ll find a code you can use for a sweet discount!

  2. Hey Tara! I think that is a great idea about sharing things that you love. I have never tried the goats soup or milk but I want to. I will have to go check her site out. Love how you styled your item.

    1. stilettosandshiplap says:

      You’d love them, I truly believe! Definitely check her website because she had so many different products and scents. Also, if you check my IG posts where you see any of her products featured, you’ll find a code for a sweet discount!

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