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Welcome! Won’t You Come In?

Do you start decorating your home for each season in a certain room?  Maybe you start at the front door?

That would make sense, admittedly.

I often don’t.  In fact, my front door is often down the list quite a ways.

I have a good reason.  Want to hear it?  I start each season’s decor earlier than most “normal” people, aka non-bloggers!  Because I have to start the next season so early, it seems rather absurd to have the outside of your home all decked out in the wrong season.

Christmas lights everywhere…..when it’s still barely fall temperatures! 🙂

Spring flowers bursting out….when there is snow everywhere and icicles on my nose.

So I often have most of the inside done before I venture outside.

This year for fall I actually painted my front door to make my lovely fall wreath just pop!

The trouble is, now that I’m thinking Christmas, or at least winter… does THIS to my winter wreath!

Not good!

Back up 50 feet and you can’t tell there is even a wreath on the door.  Okay slight exaggeration but not much.

I wasn’t really looking to make a new wreath for my door.  Or something to hang on my door.  Oh well!

Of course when I get an idea I want to execute said idea instantly.  Even when I don’t have the ability to run out and get supplies right then.

Enter necessity.  You know, the mother of invention?

I ripped apart the wreath I HAD for winter and wired on the evergreen garland that I had used on my Dollar Tree Tablescape Challenge.

Then I grabbed a can (or two) of spray snow and headed out to my garage.

Several layers later we are back on the kitchen floor.  The garage was too cold for it to dry properly.  Now if only I can keep the dogs noses out of this while it dries…..


Keeping in the very simple, natural vein that has appealed to me the most this winter, I simply wired on a double burlap bow that I made and stuck some branches and berries in around the bow.  

Next I layered a dark brown rug and a smaller festive one.  I added my copper painted urn with a small tree inside it and a simple wooden sign that I made with leftover pieces of shiplap and some wooden letters from Hobby Lobby which I painted.  I added a pinecone garland and a few large ball ornaments and called it good.  

I’m so happy y’all stopped by!  I hope you’ll come again soon.  

Enjoy and Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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