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I’ve been looking for a piece for my dining room for quite some time now.  One issue is that my light switch is smack dab in the middle of this wall so a tall hutch is out of the question no matter how practical that would be.  I mean – who puts a light switch in the middle of one of the only walls in an open concept home??? Don’t get me started!

Moving on!  So being limited by having to put something lower here yet still needing as much storage as I could get (did I mention open concept?) I recently acquired this lovely piece!  If you happened to read my post about thankfulness you will already know about my amazing find and yes, this was one of those finds.  For the moment I’ve put this in my dining room as is but as with most things I put in my home, it isn’t going to stay like this forever.  Its much more orange than I prefer wood tones to be but since I’m putting out all my fall decor, it works perfectly for now.  I will probably change the color of it when I put the fall decor away and bring out the winter decor.  I’m not going to tell you what I have in mind – you will just have to wait for that blog post!

Now for the fun stuff – my parents were traveling recently and sent me a little box of happy mail including this amazing runner that I have on here.  I’m completely obsessed with it!  The pattern of pumpkins and leaves are gorgeous but at either end of the runner, the pumpkins are also beaded!  Let me show you…

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Isn’t that so gorgeous?  I can’t get enough of it!  I could have put just about anything on this runner and it would look good but I’ll show you what I did use….

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I got several of these blue glass Ball jars from a friend this summer and I just love using them for flowers like I did here.  Whether they are real or faux, it looks great. In this case I’ve paired it with some hydrangeas that I got at Dollar Tree and some faux leaves I already had on hand.  The terra cotta pots are from Walmart and cost me about $1 each and I got the faux succulent from Dollar Tree as well.  It came in a little brown plastic pot and I just swapped that out for the terra cotta to make it look much richer.  The little rusty lantern is a thrift store find and I believe I paid about $6-7 for it.  You can put a candle inside but I just love it like this! These little pumpkins are all from Walmart for $.98 each!


On the opposite end I’ve paired a few chalk painted books (yes, you read that right) with a metal pumpkin my momma gave me.  The little autumn colored glass votive jar is from Dollar Tree, the chrysanthemum blossom is from a bouquet I already had.  The little wooden sign is also a Walmart find and it was under $5.  The wooden bead garland is a craft project I did with my daughter and you can find a tutorial on how to make them here.

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This little beauty is also a faux plant from the Dollar Tree.  I grabbed them up a few months ago and have used them in so many different places.  I just love how they are wrapped with burlap.  The metal Harvest was part of a pack of three metal words that I got from Hobby Lobby for 90% off about a month ago.  That made it only a couple dollars for all 3.  The one in this vignette was also one of the 3.

All together I spent around $25 but that includes several items that I had purchased prior to doing my fall decor and that I use for other seasons as well.  I like to mix very specific seasonal decor in with a lot of other items which can be used all throughout the year.  That cuts down not only on cost but also storage space!  With a large family, storage is at a premium around here so having boxes and boxes of decor for each season just isn’t an option for me and I’m sure its the same way for a lot of you!  Never fear, I’m here to give you some ideas of how you too can make your home very season appropriate and cozy for very little.

If you have any questions, please free to comment below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

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