Master Bathroom: Plans For A Masterpiece

Happy Thursday, y’all! What a beautiful sunny day it’s turned out to be here. We went golfing yesterday and it was such a lovely time. Well, mostly I carried the bags of golf clubs for the kids but it was still beautiful out there! 😄

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I’m cooking up another major project and then I’m going to run to a garden center near me and get some more knockout roses to plant along my split rail fence.

Now for the project! As you know I’ve got my kids rooms done. I’ve got my kids bathroom nearly done for the second time. I’ve got the main spaces in my home nearly done (there are always little things I can find to change in every space but the big things are crossed off the list now).

I’ve never finished my Master Bedroom or my Master Bathroom.

Are you like that too? You put your space last?

Well I’m so jealous of how the kids bathroom makeover is turning out, that I can’t help but make plans for my own. Here is what I’m thinking….

So I painted the walls and got a new shower curtain before we were supposed to move last summer.

I also refinished the vanity several years ago and put some hardware on it. That’s basically all I did in there.


I love the feeling of this space. It’s so cozy but peaceful and relaxing.


This space holds some similarities to what I have in mind. A wood wall treatment on the lower walls and wallpaper on the upper. I am thinking I will bring the wood a lot higher up the walls though. More like 2/3 and 1/3.


This is very similar to how I’m picturing the walls in my bathroom, with the wood and the wallpaper. I won’t necessarily be doing this paneled wall treatment style, but the proportions and materials are pretty much what I have in mind.

Whatever wallpaper I go with will be very subtle. Not a lot of color or pattern. I could also stencil the upper walls…..


I really like how clean and sparkly this bathroom is. I also really like the shape of the mirrors but I would want a bit of a different finish. Maybe wood frames instead of metal. Brass rather than chrome.

Can we just talk about these mirrors for a moment? I’m so in love with them. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to locate the original source of this photo, which I found on Pinterest. Whether I find some gorgeous mirrors or whether I have to make some, there will be statement mirrors – 2 of them – in my Master Bathroom!

I’d love to have 2 chandeliers over the sinks as well, like in this photo, but unfortunately my bathroom is not wired for that and I’m not looking to spend the kind of money that would be needed to hire an electrician to do that for me.


I’m in love with this little chippy cabinet. I like that it can hold all sorts of sweet little things but isn’t just a boring shelf. I’d really like something like this for over my toilet. I love how it’s been made from an old chippy vintage window…..another obsession of mine.

This is the faucet I have been eyeing. If I don’t get these, I will get something very similar. Brass for sure and some sort of vintage style.

As for lighting, I haven’t managed to find anything that I like, that will work within my space, with the wiring I have now, and provide enough light. Basically that means another bar light and I’m not keen on that idea. I know I will come up with some sort of solution, in time.

Okay! Now lets pop over to Emily’s house because I was able to convince her to work on her Master Bathroom too. I can’t wait to see what she has planned! I know it’s going to make me rethink all my plans 😄

Click the photo below.

Until next time, sweet friends.


  • Emily

    Love your inspiration pictures so much!!! It’s going to look amazing!!! I can hardly wait to see how it all turns out!!

  • Teresa

    Oh wow! I’d gladly be happy with any of those batbroom designs , they are all so beautiful! It’s so hard to pick a favourite!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Very true! Do you suppose that if I take elements of all of them that it will be even better? 😄

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