French Vintage Friday: Haviland Moss Rose China

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If you’re new to this, each Friday Emily and I share something that is a little french, a little vintage, or a little bit of both….

This week I wanted to share this beautiful Haviland china.

Companies by the name of Haviland that manufactured china, date all the way back to the 1800’s but the Johann Haviland company that produced this began in 1924.

After changing hands, the china began being stamped exactly as these ones are, around 1937.

When this exact pattern, called Moss Rose, began being produced, I have not been able to determine yet. The company manufactured china until the early 1980’s however and therefore it clearly would have had to be made sometime between 1937 and the early 80’s.

One reference I found suggested sometime in the 1960’s but I cannot verify this.

Regardless of it’s exact age, I cannot help but love its dainty and elegant design. From it’s tiny flowers to it’s gold trim to it’s scalloped edge.

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