French Vintage Friday: Functional Vintage Style

I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted for French Vintage Friday…..I’ve left poor Emily to post on her own several times. I’ve missed it but there have been 2 issues – lack of inspiration (see previous blog post) and lack of material.

When you aren’t ever thrifting or hunting for vintage treasures anymore (thanks social distancing and no stores open) it gets a bit tricky to share vintage finds. I could have gotten more creative and thought of more things I own already that would qualify but that brings us back to inspiration again.

Or the lack thereof!

That being said – I’m BACK!

And better than ever.

Or at least back…..

This week a wee bit of inspiration did strike in an odd way.

Wanna hear about it?

I thought so!

Better grab a comfy seat and a fresh cup of something….preferably caffeinated.

So I was outside (shocking, I know) and I was really wanting to listen to some tunes while I was working in my flower garden but my phone was needing to be charged again, like always.

That made me think that I STILL need to replace my portable radio. You see, my last one did not survive #1. So I sat down for a breather on my porch and thought I’d do a little search online for a decent price for a new radio.

Then I thought, what a shame they have to look so ugly sitting wherever amongst all the pretty things.

Then I wondered if there was one I could find for a reasonable price that LOOKED vintage.

After finding one that I really liked (several, in fact) and for a good price too, I got to thinking why not share a few functional pieces that we all have around us that typically aren’t that cute. But maybe I could share some that actually ARE cute!

Wow! I’m brilliant. Or at least excited to have had a moment of my design senses tingling.

In case you wondered those are like spidey senses only cuter.

So here is the new radio I just ordered! I’m so excited!

Now how about I share a few other functional items, that are vintage styled perfection at the same time! I’ll share the links to these items at the bottom of this post.

Everyone needs a fan now and then but when you are using it or even when you aren’t a fan can really mess up your decor if its big and obnoxious and just plain ugly! How about a cute one that feels a wee bit vintage but does it’s job at the same time?

I’d prefer if the finish on this one was a bit more rustic but if you’re wanting something that really neutral, it’s a good option.

Here is another one that really grabbed my eye both because of it’s style and also because of the color. I mean the color alone makes it look retro!

How cute is this sitting here as part of the decor?

Recently a friend of mine shared this hummingbird feeder that she had purchased. It comes in clear glass, red glass or this lovely soft green glass.

I’m still trying to think of what can “accidentally” happen to my current hummingbird feeder so that I “need” to buy this one instead. I know I’ll come up with something eventually!

I’m pretty sure my hummingbirds would prefer drinking from this one too. I mean presentation is everything, right?

Do you ever use a kettle? I thought so!

Now most of the time when you aren’t using your kettle it is still sitting out in your kitchen somewhere. Why not have a cute vintage inspired electric kettle that can double as cute decor?

I especially love this one because it has a base which plug into the wall but the kettle itself just lifts on and off the base. That means when you go to use your kettle you don’t have to be dragging its cord with you all over the place.

I also find electric kettles so much faster at heating water than the stovetop ones.

This one also shows you the temperature of the water which could come in handy.

My current toaster is a very modern looking stainless steel one. How much cuter would this be sitting on your counters? This particular one comes in white, black, red and aqua.

I also like how you can see the bread while it’s toasting so you know when it’s just the perfect color!

So maybe we don’t use timers very often but when you do need one it’s awfully nice to have one nearby. When you aren’t using it, a timer is almost always sitting on the back of your stove or nearby and on display.

These are my top favorites for cute little vintage inspired timers.

I swear it’s a coincidence that most of these items come in a soft blue/aqua color. Maybe those are the ones that jumped off the page at me because they would fit so well in my home but either way! 🙂

Now everywhere you look everyone who is anyone that likes vintage, has a beautiful old scale. Usually it’s chippy and maybe a little rusted and maybe a little not working. What happens if you need a scale for something and your beautiful vintage one doesn’t work? Or maybe its chippy, dingy, patina that you love so well isn’t something you really like the idea of putting food in?

Or maybe you don’t even own one. Yet. Because maybe every time you find one that you like, it would require you to rob a bank to be able to afford it!

Here is my solution to all those problems!

I mean how cute is this? (I’m aware that nearly every paragraph in this blog post includes the word “cute” in some form. It’s my “word of the day”, thank you very much!)

Check out all the beautiful colors this one comes in! I need one of each, I’m quite sure!

Okay now here is another thing that I love but that I struggle with the concept of putting my food in if it’s ACTUALLY old and crusty.

A bread box.

One of those things that a truly vintage one probably wouldn’t actually hold bread, in my house.


You could buy one that looks vintage but isn’t.

Yes, please.

There are lots of other options and styles but these 2 were my favorites and I’m pretty sure at some point one of them will find its way into my kitchen.

Well I hope that was helpful and that you enjoyed seeing some of the amazing options that are out there for a decent price, that can blend right in with all your vintage treasures, but serve a purpose too.

Here are all the links to the things I’ve shared in this post. Just click on anything you really love and it will take you right to where you can purchase it.

The links are affiliate links, so while the price does not change at all for you, I will received a very small compensation for anything purchased via the links.

If there are any other items that you would like a vintage style option for, at a price point that you can feel good about, I’d be happy to find something for you. Just let me know what you need….

Emily’s Post

Just click on the link to go straight to Emily’s post for this week.

Until next week…


  • Emily

    Wow!! So many awesome options for cute, vintage looking things! I’m with you, I can’t bring myself to put food in anything that is old and rusty. I love the bread box!! I might just have to order myself one! And, that radio, soooo cute!!! Such a great post!! So glad you’re back!! I’ve missed you!

    • stilettosandshiplap

      Thanks girl! Yes, that’s me all the way. I draw the line at food. I’m loving the radio… works great and looks so cute sitting around. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna need basically all these things, one at a time. lol It’s good to be back. Now if I can just stay out of my yard long enough to get more projects done and blog posts written…..

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