French Vintage Friday: Family Dining Table

It’s that time again. Another Friday has rolled around and Emily and I are back to share something Vintage, something French or a little of both!

I’ve share the makeover that my dining room table and chair set received several years ago but for some reason I really don’t think of it as vintage. Do you have things like that? Perhaps you didn’t BUY them as vintage so you don’t even think of how old they are and whether or not they qualify. I’m betting I have quite a few things like that in my home.

No matter how hard I try, I can’t come up with a true “before” picture. My laptop that contained all my photos from the beginning of time succumbed to a run-in with a cup full of water and unfortunately my backup didn’t contain absolutely everything.

Picture it with me…..4 side chairs and 2 captains chairs, all in the same honey brown color as the table top above. The backs of the chairs are cane in the same honey brown and the seats were upholstered in a black and gray stripe that was very faded and drab.

Originally I refinished the table and chairs with some chalk paint in a creamy color and distressed it here and there.

The seats I reupholstered with a faux leather for the purpose of being able to clean them off. Let’s face it – with 5 kids there are plenty of spills and upholstery just wasn’t going to work.

After about 2 weeks my oldest daughter destroyed the top of my table and for a long time I got along with just arranging plates and leaves and random items to cover the damaged bits. I didn’t feel like re-doing it when I had just finally finished the set.

Eventually I had enough of covering it up and I broke down and refinished the TOP of the table all over again. This time I mixed several different colors of chalk paint, creamy white, gray/brown, gray and I did the top by adding bits of these colors all through it, blended well.

The blessing that came out of having to do the table all over again is that I like the top better now than I did before.

Now why am I going on and on about a random table that doesn’t even seem to fit in with the style I have in my home?

Because THIS table and chair set was given to us by my in-laws.


It had been given to them by my father-in-laws brother who had owned this set for a long, long time and they were finally upgrading. My in-laws used it at their vacation property since it extends with 2 leaves to a HUGE size and could fit all the kids and grandkids around it.

This table and chair set had been in the family for so many years that The MR remembers every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner around it since he was born – or at least as far back as he remembers.

Trust me – that makes it vintage!

That also makes me keep it in my home regardless of it’s style and I think with it’s 2 makeovers it fits in okay now.

Emily’s Post

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