Holly Jolly Christmas – Kitchen Tour

Welcome!  Won’t you come in?

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already have seen this sneak peek at my kitchen.

If you follow my blog, you’ll know I have a thing for copper!  This beauty is my favorite colander which actually had it’s moment of fame in my post Favorite Things Friday – Copper Colander.  Here I’ve chosen to use it as decor, filling it with pinecones and an assortment of tree ornaments.

I also have a thing for twinkle lights.  I love that my cabinets don’t go all the way to the ceiling so that I have this wonderful space to style for each season and in between.  Kitchen’s don’t have a lot of options when it comes to styling with their walls usually completely covered with cabinets and countertops needing to house appliances and have surface for cooking.  The tops of the cabinets is the perfect place to be able to put seasonal decor and some special pieces that bring warmth and coziness to your kitchen.

For Christmas I’ve simply added twinkle lights, a poinsettia garland and some red florals.

My Sherwin Williams Sea Salt paint color provides the perfect backdrop for any color combination, subtly changing with the light.

As you may recall I refinished my kitchen cabinets quite some time ago.  You can read all about it HERE.  Another thing I like to do for the holidays in a kitchen is to add one of these beautiful magnets to the front of my dishwasher.  I purchased this particular one HERE.  The cute little rug is from Ross.

This lovely little barn and tree are both from Walmart.

The kids love playing with the seasonal fridge magnets we always have.  You can read all about how I refinished the bar stools HERE.

This little tree is specifically for the kids to decorate however they like.  They help place all the ornaments on the big tree as well but this is all theirs and I DON’T fix it after they leave the room! 🙂

This cake stand is from a thrift store and the little farmhouse and tree are also from Walmart.

I hope you’ve enjoyed  touring my kitchen and that it has given you some ideas on how to easily bring some festive cheer to your home.

Now let’s go visit Emily from Le Cultivateur and see what she has done in her kitchen!

Le Cultivateur

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Rustic Winter Wreath DIY

I thought I’d show you a very quick and easy way to make a rustic wreath that can be dressed up a little or left plain for a simple winter decoration.  I made a few of these specifically for my winter decor above my fireplace but you could make them in different sizes for all sorts of different projects.

I started with a wreath base much like this willow wreath from Dollar Tree.  If you’d like to do some small 4″ ones (perhaps for hanging on cabinet doors) here are some grapevine wreaths for an awesome price for a pack of 6!

I took evergreen branches off an evergreen garland I had, leaving 2 full length, cutting about 1″ off 2 more and cutting a final one in half.  One evergreen garland can give you enough material for a myriad of projects!

Place the two longest pieces at the top of the wreath and tuck the ends into the wreath to hold them.

Next lightly hot glue the medium sized branches in a pleasing direction, lightly curling the branches to mimi the shape of the wreath.  I placed the medium branches sticking above the original branches.  Finally place the shortest branches into place, again using a small amount of hot glue just to tack it.  I placed one angled down and one angled up for interest.

Tip:  Having a hot glue gun with a stand makes all the difference.  Easier to grab without getting burned, keeps the hot glue gun off your counter surface, easier to keep clean. This is the hot glue gun I intend to purchase shortly.  Nice design for a good price.

Next I took green floral tape and wrapped it around the ends of the branches and around the wreath form winding it back and forth covering probably about 3/4″ .

I took a length of burlap ribbon, wrapped it around the wreath and folded about 1/4″ under on the end of each ribbon.  Using hot glue I glued the ends of the ribbon together.  This is how I hung the wreaths.  You can make the ribbon any length you like and could even tie a bow at the top to hang it from.

I hung 5 of these wreaths randomly above my fireplace as part of my winter decor.

You could easily add flowers, berries, some winter picks, a bow, an ornament, some jingle bells or any other form of embellishment that you like to these.




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November’s Top Shelf Clearance Challenge – Christmas Vignette

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Y’all may remember the challenge we did a while back – myself and some of my blogger friends took some items that were on clearance, all for $15 or less, and styled it for fall.  If you didn’t get a chance to read that post, you can find it HERE.  Anyways we had SO much fun with it, that 3 of us decided to make it a monthly thing.  That’s right!  Every month Emily from Le Cultivateur, Terri from Decorate and More with Tip, and I will invite 2 other bloggers to join us on this challenge.  The links to their results are at the bottom of this post.  Here is what I did for November!

Okay if I’m being perfectly honest, I procrastinated on this one.  Not because I didn’t want to do it.  There just seemed to be so many other things grabbing my attention.  Like laundry.  And dishes.  And sick kids.  And…..life!  On Friday (yes, the Friday that was 3 days ago) I finally realized I had better get my project DONE!  That meant finding it……whew!

It took me several stores before I found something that was just the thing!  What you don’t know is that my “blogging buddies” and I have some special plans for the weeks leading up to Christmas and you’re about to see a while lot of amazing posts coming your way!  That said, this item fits PERFECTLY into a space that I was (and I must admit still am) in a little bit of a panic about showing y’all.  You see it’s been one of those spaces that I hide when I take pics and share them and I’m about to expose it all!  Yikes!  It’s worse than that dream where you show up at a big function in only your underwear!  Ok I got off track.  Back to this challenge!

I proudly rushed home with my beautiful find and showed the first person I ran into.  The MR was quite convinced I was totally nuts this time when I showed him that my treasure, that I paid MONEY for, was a broken shelf.  Yup, you read that correctly.  A broken shelf.  What?

First off here is the most important thing that you need to know right now.  Read that price tag!  It may have been broken but it was originally $54.99 and I got it for $13.74!  Perfectly within my $15 budget.  Whats a little bit of broken decor anyways?  Easy peasy….

Maybe I should show you what I mean by “broken”.

See that lovely wrought iron bar with the hanging hooks on it?  Well one side of it was broken right off so it just hung there.  Perhaps if I was a welder I could have fixed this but I am currently lacking in that skill set.  Perhaps if I knew a welder really well, I could have gotten it fixed but I don’t.  Keep in mind this was 2 days prior to having to take the pics and write this blog post!  I took a trip to Home Depot to see what I could find that might let me replace the bar.

One I removed the wrought iron bar, it left a shelf like this with holes thru the brackets where the bar had been.  I tried and tried to find a metal rod of some sort to fit through there but couldn’t find what I needed exactly.  Then I thought of a wooden dowel!

Voila!  Perfect!  Not perfect…..the theory was great and it fit once I cut it to size and all but it doesn’t match but since when has that ever stopped me before?

I grabbed my Waverly Chalk Paint and set to work.  The color “Elephant” was the closest to the dark tones in the existing shelf.  I literally applied this with a piece of paper towel because I didn’t want to dirty a paintbrush for this tiny thing.

After letting it dry I dry brushed some white chalk paint on and waxed it a couple times.  Perfect!  Now comes the really fun part.

Since we are getting so close to Christmas we decided we would show y’all ways to style these clearance treasures for Christmas.  Once again I chose a piece for this challenge that is in no way a specific season.  I can use this shelf anywhere in my home and for any season just by styling it differently.  I love things like that.  I decided to hang a couple neutral ornaments with some twine at varying heights making sure it didn’t interfere with the light switch.  This shelf is currently in my front entry but I’m not going to show you anything but the shelf because I’m working on a big project here.  Don’t worry – you’ll see it all very soon.

Next I added a lovely drapey greenery garland and two silver candlesticks.  I wanted to keep it simple and neutral.

I finished it off with my little rusty birdcage (I’ve showed you this before.  Still love it!) and some copper toned battery operated candles to tie in the light switch plate cover.  This is my splash of color and y’all know how much I am obsessed with copper!

Here it is with the candles on, but clearly its still daylight.  I think you get the idea however.

What do you think?  Not bad for a “broken” shelf, huh?  I’m pretty pleased with how it all came out and it is the perfect thing to style my entry.  It may look a slight bit sparse at present but when you see the big picture, you’ll see how well it fits right in.

Want some more amazing ideas and transformations?  I’ve got you covered…..check out my friends projects for this month.

Emily from Le Cultivateur

Terrie from Decorate and More with Tip

NJ from The Colorful Wings Journal

Stacey from Poofing the Pillows


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