A Cutting Edge DIY 不 (custom knife block)

Have you ever looked at your typical, plain old, boring knife block and thought – why cant they make these a whole lot cuter?

I mean theyre really functional and if you do much cooking at all youre really gonna want to have one sitting on your countertop.

But you arent gonna like the look of it. I promise.

Its probably gonna look like this

About the most creative most people (me) get with that is to paint it a cute color (copper) and that helps a little.

A very little.

One day I got myself a hot cup of coffee and I was watching stories on Instagram.

And then?

I found Hannah. Her account is Mistletoe Trading Co and she has some marvelous ideas!
And she likes old books! Shes a kindred spirit really. . Thats the qualification.

So Hannah was making something amazing and I knew then and there that I was going to be making something immediately and my coffee was going to get cold but that was just fine with me!

I grabbed up a few of my beloved old books in colors I liked with my kitchen decor and I arranged them in an order I liked the look of on my countertop.

Then I wrapped some jute twine around the books a couple times and knotted it, leaving long ends.

And then I tied it in a cute bow and I added some beads onto the string, knotting it between the beads and at the bottom of them to hold them in place. Then I trimmed the ends.

All done. I placed it in a great spot beside my stove and stood back to admire my work.

But the best part?

The best part is that this isnt just a little grouping of beautiful old books to put on my countertops by my stove.

No indeed!

Its my new knife block!

Until next time, sweet friends…..


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