Thrift Store Challenge: Teapots & Tulips

Thrift Store Challenge: Teapots & Tulips

I always look forward to these challenges so much! Not only the opportunity to find my challenge pieces and do the challenge myself, but also a chance to get to know some other bloggers a little better and see what they come up with as well.

As you already know, each month Terrie, Emily and I invite several other bloggers to join us in our challenge. The rules are pretty simple:

We must purchase our item or items from a single thrift store and while there is no set budget, we must keep it very thrifty. Then we can revamp the item(s) as we desire but we must show how we do that. Finally we get to style the item(s) in our homes with things we already own. Ready for what we did this month?

I will provide links to everyone’s blog posts at the bottom of this post.

Let’s get this party started!

While wandering the aisles of my local Goodwill I spotted this little green stool.

It was originally from IKEA and goodness knows what color it was originally (my guess is natural) but not this green for sure. At some point someone painted it this pretty green. Call me crazy but I kind of like this distressed, chippy look it has going on.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I came across this gorgeous teapot without a crack or chip anywhere to be found! I was able to get it for less than $5 due to a 50% off sale! I didn’t waste any time mulling over that decision. Hopie was very impressed with the things I bought as well, after a thorough inspection.

Obviously there are so many different ways to use this beautiful teapot including for tea but right from the start I pictured it with a lovely flower arrangement in it.

I’ve combined white tulips and hydrangeas along with some sort of weeping branches here and I’m loving the effect.

I paired this with a little vinegar bottle I thrifted a while back that I just love. Sometimes I flip it around so you don’t see the vinegar label since the detailing goes all around the whole bottle. I love putting flowers in it. I also just recently found this tiny little brass candlestick while thrifting and am still searching for a candle tiny enough for it. You can’t really get the sense of just how tiny it is in this photo but it’s adorable.

White and green is such a classic color combination, isn’t it? It’s always so fresh and peaceful looking.

This little stool or table, whatever you would like to call it, really is a versatile little piece. My plan is for it to go in my Powder Room when it is finished (blog post coming soon) but since that wasn’t ready for pictures yet, it needed a temporary home. Quite quickly it became evident that this little piece could fit in almost anywhere and could make friends easily.

My deconstructed chair was more than happy for it’s company and honestly, since it was snowing for most of the day, it would have been quite lovely to have had a cup of tea all cozied up by the fireplace as well.

It’s going to add a lovely splash of color in it’s new home and I can’t wait to show you when I finish that.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and leave me comments. I really appreciate it and I love hearing from you. If you are a blogger and would like to join us sometime on either our Thrift Store Challenge or our Top Shelf Clearance Challenge, please send me an email at

While we wait, let’s go see what the other’s found when they went to the thrift store!

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Reader Comments

  1. How cute the teapot and your other Thrift store finds are on top of that table. Great find Tara! I would of kept the table green as well. I just love finding things like this. Have a great week my friend!

    1. Thanks Terrie! I thought it was such a pretty color green so even though hubby doesn’t like green I sort of wanted to keep it green. It wasn’t the MOST amazing color combination in some areas of my home but in the Powder Room where it’s going to end up it looks so cute!

  2. Tara, you have found such amazing things at the thrift store!! I love the pitcher! The little table is darling! And, you can’t ever go wrong with flowers!! I always love doing these challenges with you!!

    1. Isn’t the teapot amazing? I’m obsessed! I can’t wait to set it up in the Powder Room if we ever get those finished. 🙂 I love working with you as well, Em

    1. Thank you so much, Theresa! I’m so glad you like the little thrifted items I found and I’m honored to be featured. I’m on my way to check out your website right now!

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