Child’s Nightstand Makeover

Child’s Nightstand Makeover

For the 5th and final blog post in this week long series showcasing furniture makeovers I’ve done, I’m going to show you the little nightstand I did for my oldest daughter.  I was looking for a small one for her room because she doesn’t have a lot of space and needed several other pieces of furniture including a large bed since this is the room we have to use for guests when they come.  I found just what I was looking for at a little thrift shop but when I got it home I realized it smelled terribly of cigarette smoke.  I hoped I could get rid of that smell or I knew I’d be getting rid of this piece pretty quickly and would have just wasted my money!  Not something I take too kindly to!

So this is what it looked like before.  Plain, dainty, cute lines but a bit worse for wear.  And did I mention smelly???  I gave it a really good couple of washes to make sure all the dirt and cigarette smoke was off it at least, inside and out.  Then I coated the entire thing, inside and out, with 2 coats of Kilz Max Stain and Odor Blocking Primer/Sealer.  I let it air out really well and dry in the sun too.

Next I taped off the body of the nightstand covering it with newspaper and just leaving the entire top exposed.

I spray painted the top with Rustoleum semi-gloss black.  I did several light coats and let it dry really well before I took off all the newspaper covering the rest of the nightstand.  For the rest of the outside of the nightstand I painted it with 2 coats of a medium to dark gray chalk paint.  The inside of the drawer I painted in a cream semi-gloss I had left over from painting some trim in my home.  The inside of the open bottom of the nightstand I painted with Waverly chalk paint in “Pool”.

My favorite wax to finish off pieces like this is Varathane Paste Finishing Wax.  It goes on beautifully with a soft cloth and provides a wonderful finish.  As always I used my favorite Zibra paintbrushes!

I finished this piece with a clear glass knob.  

You may have guessed by now the overall theme of this room!  I will show you the entire room one day soon when I finish it.  I’m still working on a couple pieces of furniture for in here.  This was a very simple little project that took very little time to complete and if you know how to use a paintbrush, you can do something like this.  No fancy finishes or techniques on this one.  I resisted the urge!  🙂

Here is a peek at part of the room.  There is a desk currently being worked on for under those canvases.



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  1. I Love the way you’re always re-purposing some piece of furniture to make a lovely accent in a room for your lovely home. You have such a talent for it because they always turn out so beautiful!

    1. Thanks! It’s pretty much done but for the bed needing to be replaced with a full sized bed and a desk that I’m refinishing for in there. Then I’ll show it all

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