All Things Autumn Home Tour 🍁

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I’m excited to be joining 5 incredibly talented ladies today to bring you our All Things Autumn Home Tour! You will get a rare peek into parts of our real homes that we don’t always show everyone, and can see how we style our homes for the season. Grab yourself a Pumpkin Spice Latte and get comfortable! You will find the links to the other websites at the bottom of this blog post.

Welcome to my humble home! It’s important to me that it feels cozy and inviting all year long but some seasons make it much easier to do so. Specifically fall and winter! Come inside and see how I’ve styled it for fall 🍁. Let’s start in the

Dining Room

There is a really neat story behind this piece of furniture and it’s matching (for now) Nightstand! You can read all about it here. This may well end up in various places around my home but for now it holds a place of honor in my dining room and stores all my table linens. Its cedar lined drawer is perfect for the job!

My dining room holds a lot of special sentiment for my family but in particular for my husband. It was this very table and chair set that he recalls sitting around (of course extended to its full and massive length!) for family thanksgivings as a child. It looks a little different now – I’ve refinished it and reupholstered the seats, but it still brings back a lot of memories for him. The spoon and fork on the wall are also very similar to ones his grandparents had in their kitchen when he was growing up so it’s very nostalgic for him to see them here in our home. After all, that’s what a home is for, right? Making the entire family feel at home, comfortable and making memories they will carry with them for the rest of their lives!

Our front covered patio extends the length of the house out those windows. The front door is visible in this photo. I love the light that comes in all the windows on my main floor but always seemed to be keeping the blinds closed in my dining room because with them wide open I felt like I was in a fishbowl! I solved that problem this summer by putting a mirrored window film on these windows. Can you tell? It’s just slightly tinted looking out from the inside but from the outside it just reflects so nobody can see in!

I’m still looking for the perfect drapes and area rug for this room but that doesn’t stop me from making it as festive and cozy as I can for each season! Now please follow me to my

Living Room

I will be replacing the sofa soon and adding some more seating as I complete projects! The living room area rug was removed for the time being until a few of my fur babies learn some better manners! 😏. Meanwhile you can see they love to hang out in here anyways even with my current ugly fireplace wall. Clearly these three need some design lessons! 🤣. Check back soon for a blog post or maybe even several, showcasing a makeover on my fireplace wall! I’m so excited I can hardly keep it secret!

For now though, I’ve put some simple fall things on my mantel shelf.

This pretty little shelf also has a great story! Read about it here.

This archway leads to the hallway and that door is my laundry and back entry. The only thing in this little hallway is the main floor powder room.

Midnight loves this spot! It’s right beside the fireplace and we often have the fireplace on when it’s chilly in the mornings and evenings. He is comfy, sitting in style, and toasty as he can be! This deconstructed chair was a recent project.

These pillars actually open for storage. In an open concept home with 5 kids, that’s important to me! You never know what does more than meets the eye in my home 🤗

I originally refinished this bookcase for my master bedroom but as part of a much larger bedroom refresh project, I moved it downstairs. I love it so much more down here that it’s doubtful it will see the upstairs again ever! There are so many options to style it in its new home.

This round table and chairs (yes, it has 4 chairs) was a curbside find that I completely refinished. It’s now the perfect thing to put in this formerly unused passthru area and it comes in so handy for snacks , meals with just a few of the kids or crafts and homework. Plus another place for me to style so that’s another win! 🤣

Powder Room

I’m only going to let you peek into the powder room for a minute because it’s right in the middle of a very budget-friendly but rather major makeover. Not much is finished from what you see here but when it’s done it’s gonna be so cute! It’s really hard to get a good picture of it but I think you get the point 😏. Let’s get to the heart of my home now. It’s definitely my


There are still many things I plan to do in my kitchen but I decided to go ahead, swallow my pride, and show you how it looks currently anyways. See, I’m betting everyone reading this has an area (or 50) in your own homes that is not how you want it. You can picture the changes you would make if only you had the time, or the money, or the right tools… I close? Don’t wait until it’s just perfect to style it for the season. Do it this year. Just as it is right now. Your family won’t remember that for Thanksgiving 2018 the kitchen floor was still ugly, or the countertops hadn’t been replaced yet or the rangehood hadn’t been built yet. What they will remember is the hot chocolate they sipped while seated at the kitchen counter telling their momma all about their day!

I love hearing the kids playing outside and smelling the fresh fall air while I do dishes here.

To be honest with you, I much prefer cabinets that do NOT go all the way to the ceiling, especially since these ceilings are 10′ and I’m not! Upper cabinets way up there would be difficult for me to get into anyways and this gives me so much space to display treasures and decorate seasonally!

Practical can still be pretty too!

Well that’s it for my home – I’ll show you the bedrooms some other season! Thanks so much for stopping by and please go check out my friends beautiful homes too!

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Now you see it, soon you won’t! 🤞🏼

This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive compensation for purchases made through these links.

…my mantle that is! I’m not sure it has even earned the right to be called a mantle so let’s call it a “mantle shelf”, okay?

Do you have a spot in your home that bugs you every time you catch sight of it? I do. Okay I have a few, in all honesty, but one of the worst has got to be my living room fireplace wall. I love having a fireplace in the living room. I like the ambiance and the extra heat in the winter. It just makes it cozy and homey to me. I said fireplace. Like I literally like the little black square that has the faux logs and gets all hot! The rest as you pan out a bit is horrible! Embarrassing even! Wanna see? You know you do!

What did I tell you? It’s not even as bad as it was when I moved in! That picture is being saved for the Extreme Makeover : Fireplace Edition! 😂 So much for a feature you want to bring attention to by decorating! Now I KNOW the shelf is too narrow for the width of the wall so don’t bother sending me messages to tell me that. It’s better than absolutely nothing so that’s what I’m working with for now!

I purposely kept it simple because I’m hoping to be starting this makeover within the next week or so. This gives me less to take down when I start! I used my favorite thrifted find to date – my corbel! I love that thing! Here I’ve paired it with a few lengths of old weathered wood, a garage sale candle or cupcake stand, and a dried hydrangea from my garden. Throw in a jingle bell from the Dollar Tree and a burlap pumpkin from Dollar Tree and we’re almost there! The Welcome metal cutout is from a pack of 3 I got on clearance at Hobby Lobby a while ago. The adorable little vintage oil can is from a dear friend!

On the other side of the shelf I paired a vintage blue glass Ball canning jar with a fall pick I got last year from Walmart. The reclaimed wood behind it is actually a little decor stand I made but here I’ve stood it up on its end for some texture. The candle and the simple gold candle plate just add a little cozy touch to a very simple vignette.

Have I mentioned that I like this corbel? I mean, a LOT? 😂 I think it’s approaching obsessed.

Now are you as excited to see my fireplace makeover as I am to do it? I hope so! Keep checking back….

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Simple Fall Tablescape

This site contains affiliate links to products. I may receive compensation for purchases made through these links.

I wanted to show you a simple fall tablescape I just did for my dining room. I was ready to put some more fall touches in there but I don’t want to add a whole bunch of pumpkins yet or they likely won’t be any good anymore close to thanksgiving. I will change this plenty of times within the fall season. Have I mentioned I get bored easily? Luckily for The MR’s blood pressure I mostly shop my home to change things around when I’m bored rather than go shopping for new things. Not that I wouldn’t like to do that. I AM female, after all 😁

But I digress….at first I thought I wouldn’t have enough fall things left to make a nice tablescape and I’m not the sort of person who puts things in place for a photo and then puts them back where they came from again, so no borrowing! I started with my favorite cream burlap runner from my good friend Michelle.  Here is the exact one I have only in the cream color. Then I layered on my fall chargers which I just can’t get enough of. I mean how cute are they?

I got a whole stack of them for $6.99 at my local Goodwill in the middle of the summer! So excited to use them now. Here are some that would give a very similar look to mine.  I used my Pioneer Woman dinner plates because the color is so rich and fall-like more than my usual white plates. The napkins are made from flour sack towels with raw edges so were super cheap and super easy to make. I got 4 out of 1 towel from Dollar Tree!  I have linked some similar flour sack napkins that are pre-made and an excellent price!

The lovely napkin rings were a gift last year from my aunt and I have 4 of them so I like to mix and match them with other copper or fall hues. Here are some super cute acorn napkin rings and some copper wire napkin rings that would look great in a fall tablescape!

The silver candlesticks were a gift from my in-laws and are normally up on top of my kitchen cabinets when I’m not using them on my table. I put some candle rings on the bottoms of them and tops to pull in a touch of color and sparkle – these were also something I had already but here  are some gorgeous fall candle rings that I LOVE! The candles themselves are also from Dollar Tree.

For my main centerpiece I layered another fall charger, a flour sack napkin and this lovely copper plant pot. I purposely never planted something directly in this so I can use it in many different ways just like this! The lovely magnolia flowers are some I already had as well. I love neutral flowers that can go with any color combination, don’t you? The metal words here came in a pack of 3 from Hobby Lobby and I got them on sale for mere dollars.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen! I tossed a few fall leaves around which I keep from year to year. It’s very simple but definitely gives that fall vibe. It would be so easy to dress it up a little with some more greenery and pumpkins down the center, and add some stemware and flatware for a great dinner party!

So in the end I was able to do the whole table without purchasing a single thing! Did this get your creative juices flowing?


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